Thursday, February 12, 2015

History Edge, it's not just about us!

As this company and website continues along the "soft-launch" process, I'm designing the site to serve two purposes. First, be a front page for information about History Edge, and what services History Edge can provide. Second, be a launching pad for information about archives, museums, records management, and libraries.

The first task is straight-forward in that I would like you to learn about History Edge. And, in so doing learn how we can help you with your information needs. This is the primary task.

The second is far more complicated and delicate, because there will be criticism leveled for attaching some links while omitting others. Nevertheless, I'm going to use this site to direct users to articles and sites that inform and educate about the goings on in the information professions. As suggested in the title, "It's not just about us!"

We all have questions about what is happening in the archives, museum, and library fields. We hope to become a partial aggregator for organizations, publications, and blogs.

So kick back surf and find something interesting.

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