Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Where is the Edge?

Where is the Edge? 

A).  Is it a philosophical question?
B).  Is it a metaphysical question? 
C).  Is is a question for your GPS?
D).  All of the Above.

The answer is: D). All of the Above.

We relocated to Prescott, Arizona in November 2014 on about two weeks notice. Then I, Shawn, spent the better part of winter and spring 2015 looking for a job to pay the bills, while also trying to create this upstart consulting business. Along the way, I was fortunate to meet a number of the good people of Prescott due to interviews, volunteer work, and trying to get advice on building a business. There are still people I need to and want to meet, and anticipate 2016 being another year to build upon the social network.

But, you may be asking, Where is the Edge...History Edge, that is? Well, along with finding a job to support the family, the second half of 2015 was spend trying to find a new home. A few years ago, when I was working with the Business Archives Section of the SAA, it was fashionable to talk about reaching your limit of capabilities as exceeding your "bandwidth." A play on computer network infrastructure to be sure, but within that circle it was easily identifiable as the point at which operations cease to function. The implication, therefore, is to operate at a level at which all of your resources are being utilized, without using so much as to cause a crash. 

Case in point, I just went to grab a Coke (not in endorsement, unless...), but a bottle of Guinness (definitely an endorsement) fell out. Of course the cap unsealed so the beer had to be saved, but I also had to clean up a small spill. So, I'm writing this post waiting to have a phone meeting, drinking a Guinness and a Coke. Within a span of 10 minutes, my life has dramatically changed, (sips Guinness) for the better. Any professional understands the dramatic shifts which can occur. Anyone with family understands the dramatic shifts which can occur. Everyone understands the dramatic shifts that occur daily. Modern human resources management likes to use the phrase, "Work, Life Balance" to convey the sensitivity of allowing people to manage their time spent working with the time needed to maintain a healthy home. Effectively maintaining your bandwidth so you don't crash with the smallest of spills.

So, long story short...History Edge has been on an unofficial hiatus. Not that we couldn't have done more, there just wasn't the pressing need to do more. (After all, a fridge full of Guinness isn't going to drink itself). At the same time, there is now the very real physical question of, "Where is the Edge?" Depending our how current your GPS system is, it is either there or nowhere. That is because History Edge has moved to a brand new location, in a brand new area of town. So new, in fact, that we don't even have mail boxes, yet. It is, however, pretty close to paradise! 

In conclusion, we're still here. Maybe not blogging so much, but we're still here and looking forward to the new year.

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