About Us

The mission of History Edge Consulting, LLC (History Edge) is to help individuals and organizations with their information and research needs by offering a wide range of information and knowledge management services related to the collection, preservation, organization, distribution, dissemination, and security of documents, records, media, and artifacts. The goal of History Edge is to provide information consultation services to individuals, groups, and organizations in order to collect, preserve, and make available their information in an efficient and cost effective manner.

We make your information useful!

We conduct information needs assessment based on your specific information needs. Whether its for your personal papers or your organization we create plans that work.

We make your information work for you!

From paper to digital...

We preserve the past while staying on the cutting edge.

History Edge was incorporated in the State of Arizona in 2015 by its founding consultant, Shawn San Roman. 

Shawn San Roman, MA, MLIS - Founder/Principal Consultant - with over 15 years experience in the research, library, archives, and records management fields. He has worked at local and state historical societies, small and large academic institutions, and national trade associations.

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