Services & Expertise

History Edge offers a wide range of information based services. Below are listed just some of the many areas where we can help make your information more useful.

Whether you need to preserve your historical documents or market your facilities, We Can Help.

Work with someone who knows and understands the unique circumstances and constraints of libraries, archives, museums, and corporate information centers.

We work with clients to understand what they want and need from their information, records, and history while ensuring they remain in compliance with laws and legislation.

Archives Administration & Management

  • Arrangement & Description -- We can offer processing assistance for your personal, group, or organization. We will collect and organize your papers, publications, photographs, and materials according to your specifications recognizing best archival practices. 
  • Cataloging & Metadata -- We can offer cataloging and metadata assistance for your personal, group, or organization. Whether you have an existing system or need to invest in one, we can help you identify the most effective tools and strategies to get your information into systems you, your employees, and customers can use.
  • Policy Development -- We can develop policies that will make your library and archives operate more efficiently and effectively. Know how to handle issues before they develop.
  • Donor Relations -- Whether you are a institution or an individual we can help. If you are an institution, we can work with you and donors to identify collections of enduring value. If you are an individual, we will work with you to identify the right institution for your valuable documents, papers, and artifacts.
  • Prospect Research -- We can work with you to identify funding sources that meet your needs. Whether it's an individual or an institution we will work to find potential donors.
  • Employee Relations -- We can work with you and your organization to better understand the unique needs of information professionals. With over 8 years serving as a Chief Union Steward, Shawn San Roman has seen just about every personnel issue, from hiring to termination. Utilizing Interest-Based Bargaining techniques, he can help find win-win strategies for most situations.

Records and Information Management (RIM) & Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

  • Corporate Records Management -- Do you have a corporate records management problem, but don't know where to start? You are not alone. Business great and small are all dealing with records management issues. Get started today by speaking with us. We can identify your needs and create a plan that will get you going. After our assessment you will understand: 
    • What your current and future records are;
    • What are your records responsibilities;
    • What are the potential business impacts, whether you do something or nothing;
    • What will be the infrastructure impact;
    • What staff training will be necessary;
    • Projected cost-benefit analysis
  • Digital Asset Management -- We can help you identify, collect, and organize your digital assets. We can take the time to understand your organization's use of digital assets and identify the most critical areas of need. We will work with your IT professionals to identify strategies to reduce the digital burden while preparing for growth--growth that allows you to actual access and use the vast amounts of digital information you create and store. 
  • Intranet Design and Management -- IT guys are great and we love them! But they do not always understand how information is actually used. This is where we can help. We can take the time to study and understand how your information flows around your organization. Then we can work with your IT professionals to design an intranet your employees will actually use. 
  • Competitive Intelligence -- Let us find out what the competition is doing. We will identify your peer institutions and/or competitors to help you know what they are doing successfully. Whether you want to innovate or keep up we can provide in-depth comparative analysis so you can make informed decisions.
  • Data Migration -- We can help you with your data migration efforts. If you need to migrate data, but don't have the time or the resources to hire a part-time or full-time position, let us contract with you to get the job done. Sit back an let us do the work.

Outreach, Advocacy, & Marketing

  • Web Design and Administration -- We specialize in small and start-up websites. Let us get you going or improve your website. We are not a website company. We use the tools you need to improve your outreach and information dissemination. Since we are from the information world, We can provide the website you want, because we know what you want to do. If you are tired of working with web administrators that don't understand you, contact us to see what we can do for you.
  • Fundraising & Grant Writing -- Do you have a project you really would like to get done? Let's talk! We can work with you to identify projects and granting institutions that fit. Let us help you find the funding you need and deserve to properly tell our stories. Let us do the work while you get the benefit.
  • Social Media Marketing -- We can support your marketing efforts by offering social media administration. Let us communicate your values and content to create social media campaigns that will get your message out to the world.

Research & Strategic Planning

  • Research Design and Analysis -- We can provide full-service research capabilities whether its a survey, focus group, navigational assessment, brand analysis, or content analysis. We can design your project, administer the collection tools, and provide analysis which will provide data and statistics you need to make informed and effective decisions. 
  • Reports and Presentations -- We can provide reports and presentations for you, your administrators, government agencies, granting institutions, and the public.
  • Writing -- Our published writers and experienced editors can provide written pieces to augment your social media, blog, webpage, newsletter, article, or book.
  • Strategic Planning -- We can provide strategic planning for your history. Stop reacting to your growing box problem and ever expansive data bombs. Let us help you understand how to incorporate historical data and archives into your short and long-term planning.

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