Who We Serve

History Edge is located in beautiful Prescott, Arizona. While our main geographic service area is northern Arizona, we can provide consultation services onsite, via phone, email, or online. Get your project started today by contacting us. We will handle the rest.

Personal Papers & Family Archives

Preserve your family history by collecting, organizing, preserving, and presenting your family story. Transform boxes of personal papers and genealogies, untold number of loose photographs, piles of photo albums,  mementos, trophies, and artifacts into a presentable format for friends and family. We will help you turn a chaotic mess into a neat and orderly archive of family history.

Corporate Heritage Centers, Business Resource Centers & Records Management

We offer a wide range of services to businesses, corporations, and organizations. Whether you have an existing archives or records management program or not, we will conduct a comprehensive review of your needs and develop a strategic plan you can use. We have experience conducting records assessments at small and medium size organizations. We also have experience working with and designing intranet infrastructure systems and information databases. We can help your organization better leverage its information resources by identifying and connecting data producers with data users.

Case Study - Credit Union National Association & America's Credit Union Museum

Libraries, Museums, Historical Societies, & Non-profit Organizations

Let us take your library or museum to the next level. We specialize in helping small to mid-sized libraries, museums and historical societies with limited or non-existent marketing and social media expand and grow their efforts. We'll work with you to leverage your existing resources, expand your digital footprint to bring visitors to your website, reinforcing your expertise and expanding your users access to online resources. We can even conduct broad based surveys of users and non-users helping you collect the data you need to justify staffing, capital investment, branding re-designs, collection development, and marketing expenditures.

Case Study - User Studies at the Wisconsin Historical Society

Groups, Team & Recreational League Records

Take your group, team, or league history to the next level by collecting, preserving, and presenting your accomplishments. Stop relying solely oral histories and start building a reliable method to track your records and history. We can help you identify important items to collect, and how to organize and preserve them for future member's access. We can even help you learn about recording oral histories -- because those stories, and who tells them, are just as important to understanding the origins and development of your group.

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